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With the help of our product categories, you can find proven packaging materials that are specially tailored to your industry. Our packaging consultant will guide you in 5 easy steps to the ideal packaging for your application. In this way, we also offer frequent and bulk orders.

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In addition, there is a constantly growing network of specialist consultants who will support you with professional advice in the various areas of packaging. With this unique combination of expert knowledge, breadth and depth of product range, we offer you an innovative and centralised Klingele24 Canary Islands for packaging solutions that will inspire you. 

Klingele24 in the Canary Islands

Klingele Embalajes Canarias, S.A., formerly Papelera de Canarias, was founded in 1953 by Canarian investors, first as a paper mill from recycled paper. In the mid-1960s the production of corrugated cardboard was added. The first customers were from the agricultural sector, who needed robust packaging for the export of bananas and tomatoes. Later, customers from the fish sector and local production industries were added. Today, corrugated cardboard and packaging are produced in the most modern facilities.

The company joined forces with the German company Klingele Papierwerke in the 1960s. The cooperation and know-how of Klingele Papierwerke made it easier for this branch to enter the corrugated board industry. The company thus participates in the technical innovations of the Klingele Group, which has an impact on production, personnel and customer service.

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