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The rewards program from Klingele Embalajes Canarias designed to offer benefits to our most loyal customers.

When you buy cardboard boxes and other sustainable packaging solutions from our website, you not only get
locally crafted, high-quality products. You also gain access to exclusive discounts that make every
purchase count. At Klingele Plus, we reward your loyalty by offering special discounts and unique opportunities.

Discover how to turn every packaging into an experience that goes beyond with our loyalty program.

Discover the value of shopping at Klingele Embalajes Canarias!

How does it work logo-klingele24-plus?

At Klingele Plus, we recognize and reward your choice of making us your trusted local supplier. That's why
we categorize our customers based on the frequency of purchase and annual spending over the last 12 months,
offering an exclusive discount for them to continue their transactions through the website.


Customers who spend
+2000€ in 12 months
will receive a discount on all their purchases of:


Customers who spend between
€750 - €2000 in 12 months
will receive a discount on all their purchases of:


Customers who spend between
€250 - €750 in 12 months
will receive a discount on all their purchases of:


The more you buy, the greater your benefits. That simple, that rewarding.

Imagine that over the last 12 months, you made frequent purchases on our website or reordered some of our cardboard packaging options, accumulating a total spending of €1500 in that period. Due to your loyalty, the volume of purchases, and spending made on the website, you will be categorized as a Platinum customer in the Klingele Plus program, receiving a 5% discount on the entire online store for future purchases.

How to be part of logo-klingele24-plus?

Joining Klingele Plus is simple. There are no physical cards or complicated procedures. With every transaction you make on our website, you'll be one step closer to being part of Klingele Plus. If you have spent at least €250 in the online store in the last 12 months, you will automatically become part of Klingele Plus.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need a special card to be part of Klingele Plus?

No, joining the program is entirely digital. Every purchase automatically counts towards your membership.

How do I know what category I am in?

We will notify you of your category through exclusive communications. Also, you can easily check by logging in with your username and password on the website.

Do the discounts apply to the entire product catalog?

Yes! All our products, from standard boxes and fruit boxes to cardboard cases and trash cans, are included. By logging in with your username and password on the website, you can see the discount applied to each product.

Can I move up or down in category?

Of course. A customer who initially belongs to the Black category of the Klingele Plus program, with an annual spending exceeding €2000, could stay in this category by maintaining that level of purchases over the next 12 months. If their total spending exceeds €2000 in a year, they will continue to enjoy a 10% discount on all their purchases as a Black category member. If they do not maintain or exceed €2000 in a year, they would move down to the Platinum category.

From when do the 12 months start counting?

The 12-month period starts counting from the day the customer makes their first purchase, extending to 12 months after that.

When can I start enjoying the discount?

The program will consider your purchases from the last 12 months to place you in the corresponding Klingele Plus Plan. If you have never bought from us, after the first purchase, you will start being part of the Klingele Plus Plan according to the value of your purchase (Gold, Platinum, or Black), and you can start enjoying the discount on subsequent purchases.

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