Boxes for eCommerce

Ecommerce boxes are specially designed to meet the shipping needs of online shops and websites.

A wide variety of sizes and formats so that you can find the ideal model to suit the dimensions of the goods to be shipped. Die-cut packaging, special solutions and boxes for home delivery of online shops. Choose the one that best suits your business.

Our boxes for ecommerce are resistant and safe to provide maximum protection for your postal shipment.

Choose the right shipping packaging for your business delivery at


  • Special solutions

    Looking for boxes for your ecommerce? Our special solutions for home delivery will protect your orders, so that they arrive safely and securely at their destination.

    Very easy to assemble, they have handles for easy handling.

    Find the cardboard box that best suits the needs of your online shop, with a folding lid or removable lid.

    Deliveries to Tenerife and Gran Canaria in 24/48h and to the rest of the islands of the Canary archipelago.

  • Protective packaging

    Send your online shop orders safely and securely! 

    Find on our website different options of protective packaging for postal shipments. Boxes, cardboard boxes and sustainable packaging to deliver your ecommerce orders safely and securely.

    Need help? Contact us and we will help you find the packaging solution you need, at the best price.

  • Die cut packaging

    Die-cut cardboard boxes are a logistics solution for online shops and home delivery businesses. They allow you to transport goods safely and securely, to provide customers with the best shopping experience when they receive their order.

    Browse our product catalogue and buy the box that best suits your needs. 

    Packaging solutions that take care of your shipments and the environment.

Large Kraft Case

€1.55 ud
Length (mm): 400 Width (mm): 300 Height (mm): 100
2 reviews
There are not enough products in stock

Medium Kraft Case

€1.09 ud
Length (mm): 345 Width (mm): 265 Height (mm): 60
5 reviews
There are not enough products in stock

Small Kraft Case

€0.91 ud
Length (mm): 265 Width (mm): 173 Height (mm): 60
3 reviews
There are not enough products in stock
Length (mm): 590 Width (mm): 260 Height (mm): 150
There are not enough products in stock
Length (mm): 590 Width (mm): 350 Height (mm): 160
There are not enough products in stock
Length (mm): 98 Width (mm): 74 Height (mm): 70
There are not enough products in stock
Length (mm): 120 Width (mm): 120 Height (mm): 85
There are not enough products in stock
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